The Film Grain Photoshop Action

"What should my grain settings be?"

That is one of the questions we have consistently heard since we launched The Archetype Process in 2017.  Most people talk about the grain settings in Lightroom which, in our opinion, fall far short of what should be available to photographers who love the film look.  Instead of just being okay with something that doesn't do the look of film justice, we got to work...

We're excited to have a much better option that will fit well into existing workflows.  The Film Grain Photoshop action was developed specifically with the look of film in mind.  If you have ever looked closely at film grain you will have seen that it is most noticeable in the mid-tones of an image while tapering off in the highlights and shadows.  On top of that, The Film Grain includes actions for both color and black and white images since color grain and black and white grain is different.

The Film Grain Photoshop action has also been designed to work in a way that doesn't require you to apply film grain on a single image at a time.  Instead, we provide instructions on how to use Photoshop and Lightroom in a way that applies The Film Grain to your images when they are exported so you can export and walk away to take an editing break.  When you get back your images will be exported with amazing film like grain applied, ready to be shared with your customers.

So far the feedback has been amazing with many photographers telling us that this was the missing piece in achieving the film look they've been working for.

Here are several examples of some of the different film grain options.  

Check out the product description to see all of the different film grain options included in the TFG action pack HERE.