The Film Grain
The Film Grain
The Film Grain
The Film Grain
The Film Grain

The Film Grain

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The Film Grain is a Photoshop action that adds realistic film grain to your images...grain that doesn't suck.  The Film Grain Photoshop action applies grain uniquely to the highlights, mid-tones and shadows, resulting in a look that is much closer to film than what is possible utilizing Adobe Lightroom or Capture Ones built in grain.

Included in The Archetype Process The Film Grain is the following:

•The Film Grain Photoshop action in the following formats:


Medium Format: 645, 6x6 and 6x7

Large Format: 4x5

•Installation and how-to video tutorials

The Film Grain Photoshop Action works will all versions of Adobe Photoshop.

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What The Film Grain users have to say...

Honestly this is more than just grain. It’s a workflow methodology and it effects the tones of the image.

The 35mm grain makes files from the x100v look like a Contax T2, the blacks soften, the highlights rolloff more naturally... I’m a huge fan.

Tom W.