The Magic Button Photoshop Action

Anyone who has shot film has probably had moments when they wonder why their scans aren't coming back as nice as they had imagined they would look.  It's expected that film scans will need a little bit of editing but there is nothing more frustrating than having inconsistent film scans.

That's where The Magic Button Photoshop Action comes into play.  The Magic Button is a great tool to use to create a more consistent and cohesive set of images from your film scans.  

There are two options included that can be used depending on your needs.  The Magic Button is an action that corrects color cast problems but also makes contrast adjustments to film scans that are too flat.  This helps with expired film, underexposed film and any situation where the scan lacks contrast.  For scans that have the right amount of contrast, TAP created The Magic Button Color.  This version only makes adjustments to the color and leaves the contrast alone and is meant for images that already have good contrast or scans that you want to have a softer look.

The best way to use The Magic Button Photoshop Action is to apply it before you make any edits to your film scans.  A great time to do this is right after you download your scans from your lab.  Once you download your scans, run The Magic Button or The Magic Button Color as a batch action before you do any additional editing.  By running the action first you will have a more consistent set of scans to work with during the editing process.

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Here are a few before and after examples of The Magic Button in action...