The Archetype Process Monochrome Pack

Black and white film has one of the most timeless looks in all of the photography world!  No matter if you love lower contrast black and white like Ilford Delta 3200 or high contrast black and white film like Fujifilm Acros 100, TAP has a profile for you.  We have also included profiles with red, green and yellow filters as well as profiles that are pushed 1 stop and pushed 2 stops.  You won’t find profiles or presets that come closer to the look of real black and white film than the profiles in the TAP Monochrome pack.

Fujifilm Acros 100

Fujifilm Acros 100 is an incredibly popular low speed, fine grain black and white option in the film world.  The TAP profile matches the high contrast, orthopanchromatic look that Acros 100 is known for.  So what the heck is orthopanchromatic you ask?  It means that this profile is less sensitive to red than other black and white films and profiles.  

The first example below is Fujifilm Acros Pushed +1 and second example is Fuji Acros developed normally.

(All of the examples below have the following filters: Top Left - No Filter, Top Right - Green Filter, Bottom Left - Red Filter, Bottom Right - Yellow Filter)

Ilford Delta 3200

On the other end of the contrast spectrum of the monochrome profiles you will find Ilford Delta 3200.  This film works great for film shooters in lower light and in situations where they want a softer look such as with bridal portraits.  The best thing about the TAP Ilford Delta 3200 is that it isn’t limited to being a faster speed film.  You can get that same soft, low contrast look in any lighting condition.  

The first example is Ilford Delta 3200 developed normally.  The second example is Ilford Delta 3200 pushed 1 stop.

Ilford HP5

Ilford HP5 is one of the most versatile black and white films on the market and the TAP profiles do a great job of replicating the popular looks that this film is capable of.  The Ilford HP5 profile is a medium contrast profile that looks great pushed just like the real film does.  Don’t forget to check out the red, green and yellow filter profile versions as well.  The Ilford HP5 yellow filter profile is great for portraits!  

The first example below is Ilford HP5 pushed one stop and the second is Ilford HP5 pushed 2 stops.

Kodak Tri-X

Last but certainly not least is the Kodak Tri-X profile.  Kodak Tri-X is one of, if not the most, popular black and white film on the market due to it’s consistency and versatility.  We feel the exact same way about the TAP Kodak Tri-X profile!  This profile can be used for almost anything that needs a black and white look.  The pushed versions of this profile increase the contrast while also having a slightly crushed blacks look with the pushed 2 stops profile.  

The first example below is Kodak Tri-X developed normally and the second is Kodak Tri-X pushed one stop.