The Archetype Process Kodak Pro Pack

The Kodak film library is full of great films that are vibrant and have nice warm skin tones.  Thankfully, we have profiled all of these film stocks with exposure values all of the way from EXP -1 to EXP +2.  Having these options will help you to match your film scans or they will help you find a look you love that maintains the characteristics of the actual film at any of these exposure values.

Of all of the Kodak films, Ektar 100 has the most saturation and the most contrast.  Many film shooters stay pretty close to box speed when shooting this film but the other exposure options are awesome too!

Portra 160 has a great look that is great for all skin tones.  Any of the exposure values will result in nice looks with EXP 0 being very balanced and increased exposure profiles giving a more saturated and higher contrast look.  Definitely give the pushed versions of the Kodak Portra 160 profiles a try too!  It’s one of the most popular Portra 160 looks with film shooters.

Portra 400 almost needs no introduction.  This has been by far the most popular Kodak film and is one of our most popular profiles.  All of the versions of this profile look great!  From EXP -1 through EXP +1 colors are very balanced and warm but still natural.  EXP +2 shows the same color shift that you see in the film with bluish green tones and shadows become more blue.

Portra 800 has always been a great compliment to Fuji Pro400H with film shooters.  It has a similar look in the greens with the slight shift to bluish tones but has warmer skin tones than Fuji Pro 400H.  This profile, just like the film, looks great at EXP +1 and EXP +2 but don’t discount EXP -1 and EXP 0.  The lower exposure values have very balanced color while the higher exposure value profiles become more saturated.

Last but certainly not least, the expired Kodak films that have been profiles are wonderful too!  In the Portra 160 line we have profiled the Natural Color (NC) and Vivid Color (VC) discontinued films.  In the Portra 400 line we have included NC, VC and Ultra Color (UC) discontinued film stocks.  Each one of these profiles does these amazing discontinued films justice!  The color response is exactly as the names imply.  Natural Color profiles will give a more natural color look with all colors being close to the real deal, Vivid Color profiles have increased color saturation and the Portra 400UC profile has even more color while also having more blue in the shadows.