The Archetype Process Fujifilm Pro Pack

Fujifilm is a photographers household name due to the incredible popularity of Pro400H which is sadly now discontinued.  However, the magic of Fujifilm didn’t stop at just Pro400H in the past.  The Fujifilm Pro Pack includes several film stocks that are just as great as Pro 400H.

For those who love a little bit of contrast, the Pro160C profiles are perfect.  This film still maintains the trademark bluish green tones and peachy skin tones that Fujifilm is known for but does it with higher contrast.

On the other end of the contrast spectrum is Pro160S.  This film could easily be considered a 160 version of Pro400H.  Again, Pro160S maintains all of the qualities that photographers love about all of the Fuji films with the cool greens and soft peachy skin tones.

Fujifilm Pro400H needs no introduction.  It is easily one of the most popular film stocks ever made and has been expertly profiled to give hybrid and digital photographers the looks that have made Pro400H so extremely popular.  It is a medium contrast film that can be used in a variety of different ways but has been the foundation for many wedding photographers who shoot film.  Additionally, the Fujifilm Pro Pack includes more than one version of Pro400H.  The v2 version of the profile has a very soft look that is perfect for photographers going for the fine art film look with their work.

Rounding out the Fujifilm catalog is their high speed Pro800Z film stock.  Pro800Z is similar to Pro160C in that it is a high contrast film but it was designed for lower light situations.  Like the other Fuji film stocks, Pro800Z has cool green tones and skin tones that tend to be peachy with a slight magenta hue.