Years have been put into creating The Archetype Process profiles and we could talk about them all day but the most important thing is what our customers think!

Daniel Kim

I have always been going for that film look. And I achieved it by actually shooting film. But not just that, like very few others, I was crazy enough to buy a Fuji Frontier scanner. If I was going to know film, and shoot it, and consider myself an expert, I needed to know all aspects of it.

"For the past almost six months, I’ve used Dustin’s profiles and it’s caused me a freaking mental crisis. It’s so good."


It’s so good to the point where I would hide the source filenames and choose between the film scan and the edited digital file and I ended up choosing the digital file more than half the time. And when I didn’t choose it, it was a toss up because it was so close.

Amanda Crean

"The Archetype Process profiles have not just changed the way I shoot and run my business - it has revolutionized it. I went from sharing digital sneak peeks as a necessary evil to intentionally choosing digital over film on some jobs entirely because of the ease, accuracy, and flexibility TAP profile have given me. I still have people message me how I got scans back so quickly the same night as an event. I'll take that as a win!"

Russell Alboroto

The best images I’ve ever taken were shot on film. Making my digital images emulate film has always been a pipe dream. There were products out on the market that did a pretty good job and got you almost there. These Lightroom profiles opened a door and has accomplished something that has never been possible. The tones and accuracy is incredible!

"The Archetype Process profiles truly match film and give me greater consistency in my workflow giving me a look that I’ve worked hard to create."

-Russell alboroto

It won’t replace my film workflow, but it respects it and all it’s nuances, and is an essential tool into my workflow. Truly, this is the next generation of film emulation.

Joe Thompson

I love shooting film! I really, really love shooting film but I’ve realized that it’s becoming less and less about the actual look of film than it’s about getting to shoot with cool old cameras. I’ll always shoot film to some degree but for the look, these The Archetype Process profiles are able to pull off the same look that I get when I scan my own film. There is no way to overstate how much I love what these profiles do to my digital images! They really are that good!

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